Pastos Tavern

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Διεύθυνση: Επισκοπή Λεμεσός

Επικοινωνία: 99 123965

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Εάν υπάρχει ένα κύριο στοιχείο που χαρακτηρίζει την κουζίνα μας,η  είναι ποιότητα. Το άλλο είναι η ποικιλία των πιάτων που θα βρείτε στο εστιατόριο μας.

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Ανοιχτά καθημερινά εκτός Δευτέρας.

Pastos restaurant was founded in 2006.


Its purpose was to serve the inhabitants of Episkopi village, in the province of Limassol, since there was no other restaurant around at the time.


Delicious and unique dishes are served, in a very pleasant environment.

We have an awesome and safe playground, for your kids to be kept busy during your mealtime. We have a fantastic reception area, whereby all kinds of important events take place, such as, dinner parties, cocktail parties, wedding parties, engagement parties, christening parties, birthday parties etc.


Our kitchen consists of a great variety of dishes, such as traditional Cypriot dishes, traditional Greek dishes, Italian dishes, European dishes, Far East dishes etc.


Our aim is to achieve the best service for our customers. We also make a great effort to a keep high standard and a spectacular quality of the food we serve, with very reasonable prices. We try to keep our customers dinning in a very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.